Google Wave Presents the Year 2009

I cannot, I will not use the pun Google wants me to use. But this video kept my attention for the whole two-and-a-half minutes, which is no mean feat in this easily distractable time we bananas are surprisingly filling! » 12/22/09 1:20am 12/22/09 1:20am

Coolness Roundup: Goats and Gods of 2007, a Retrospective

It's the annual Goats and Gods episode, where the Gurus of Cool present the best and the worst of the past year. Also, Charlie reviews a new HP workstation, Stephen offers 12 must-have plug-ins for WordPress, and the duo offer another Rapid Fire Roundup of Cool Products they've seen during the week. [Free Podcast at … » 1/02/08 1:00pm 1/02/08 1:00pm

Segway: A Brief Moment in Time

Yes, yesterday brought us the good news that Segway, Inc. will be releasing two new models of its personal transportation devices. To celebrate, jump to peruse a quick little retrospective on the one gadget that finally brought peace to a wanting world and healed man of all his ailments. » 8/15/06 10:38am 8/15/06 10:38am

80s Tech Retrospective

Howstuffworks put together a sweet retrospective on technology that became popular in the 80s. Among them: PCs, VCRs, cable television, cell phones, camcorders, video game consoles—all things that were eventually used to deliver pornography to the masses. » 5/18/06 8:50pm 5/18/06 8:50pm