The Cameras and Settings That Captured This Year's Best Photos

Every year, Reuters publishes a list of its best photography, and you'll recognise plenty of the 95 iconic images that capture this year's biggest news stories. One keen Redditor, though, wanted to know more—so analyzed the EXIF data of all the images to find out how they were captured. » 12/03/12 6:58am 12/03/12 6:58am

All of…

The Wider Image: Legendary Photography From Reuters

Reuters pulls from a cadre of the most talented, most daring photographers in the business to capture some of world's most iconic photos. The picture of the situation room when SEAL Team 6 took out Osama? Reuters. The photo of Sadaam Hussein's statue coming down in 2003? Reuters. And now you can experience all the… » 10/18/12 6:00pm 10/18/12 6:00pm

Adobe to Develop Photo Authentication Tools

With the help of Dartmouth College, Reuters and Canon, Adobe will be developing a tool that will be able to distinguish the authenticity of a photo. It will come in the form of a Photoshop plugin and it can link a picture to a camera and even a specific camera. The plugin will also have the ability to track all of the… » 3/08/07 3:45pm 3/08/07 3:45pm