Why You Should Never Steal From a Vengeful Guy With a Surveillance System

A little while ago a guy noticed his shovel was missing from his front yard, so he checked his security camera footage to see what might've happened to it. What'd he discover? Some woman walked into his yard, stole his shovel, and let her dog take a dump on his snow-covered lawn. He also discovered which of the… »2/10/11 12:40am2/10/11 12:40am

iRobot Gets Revenge On Former Employee By Selling His Stolen Robot Design

The story between iRobot and former employee Jameel Ahed has everything: military robots, betrayal, lies, stolen plans, lawsuits, big money, private investigators and destroyed evidence. But up until now there was one critical element missing...revenge. iRobot has completed that final act in this real-life drama by… »8/06/08 9:00pm8/06/08 9:00pm

Irony: Boba Fett Cast In Carbonite (Well, Bronze) For the Wanton Pleasure of Others

An artist named Scott recently cast a Boba Fett PEZ dispenser in bronze using the lost-wax process, and ended up (I think accidentally) giving it a "battle scar" that would make George Lucas proud. It's haunting, seeing that lifeless helmet stare out at the world, moving only when the cruel and greedy snap back its… »3/31/08 12:00pm3/31/08 12:00pm