Verayo RFID Chips Use "Electronic DNA" to Make Them "Unclonable"

Here's a challenge to hackers everywhere if I've ever heard one-a company named Verayo claims to have created an RFID chip that's completely unclonable thanks to a type of electronic DNA technology called Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF). Unlike basic passive RFID chips, where data can be easily copied from one… » 9/09/08 12:30am 9/09/08 12:30am

Apple to Make Networking Easier with RFID Tags

Setting up a wireless network is pretty easy (for most of us), but Apple wants to simplify the process even further by putting RFID transceivers into wireless base stations, like the AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme. All network info (like encryption keys and SSID info) would be stored in the base station. Devices… » 3/08/07 8:14am 3/08/07 8:14am