All 16 Million Colors of the RGB Spectrum Are in These Pictures

If you want to feel like you're tripping out on wonderful drugs and/or see all the colors of the RGB spectrum in one image, going to the allRGB website should have you covered. It's a project that show off images that contain all 16,777,216 distinct colors inside the RGB spectrum. Each of those colors pop up in a… »9/16/13 10:30pm9/16/13 10:30pm

South Koreans Discover 'True Blue' Material for Better OLED Screens

OLED screens are pretty awesome all around, but they have more than a few Achilles Heels to overcome before they're accepted into the mainstream. That said, one of the hurdles has allegedly fallen this weekend, thanks to new research out of South Korea. According to the AP, South Korean scientists have developed an… »11/23/08 7:00pm11/23/08 7:00pm