Rhapsody's Streaming Music iPhone App Now Works Offline, Too

All-you-can-eat music services are an intoxicating prospect, but the limitations can be dealbreakers—specifically, that fact that a lot of them don't let you take your music with you, or limit the devices in or on which you can play it back. It's not just annoying; it drives home the fact that you don't actually own… »4/26/10 12:01am4/26/10 12:01am

My $62.47 Royalty Statement: How Major Labels Cook the Books with Digital Downloads

Tim Quirk was the singer of punk-pop outfit Too Much Joy, signed by Warner Bros. in 1990. Now he's an executive at an online music service, giving him insight on digital sales data and just how labels fudge their numbers. »12/02/09 4:40pm12/02/09 4:40pm

* A word here about that unrecouped balance, for those uninitiated…