RIAA Bullies Tiny Music Sites That Pay Fees Instead of Make Money

We've known for years that the RIAA acts like a bunch of hypocritical bullies with nothing better to do than pick on the helpless. But wow. The latest report about how the lobbying organization is now bullying small music sites that not only have zero revenue but also pay licensing fees is just pathetic. »7/20/14 12:33pm7/20/14 12:33pm

The House of Representatives Blocks Spotify Because It's Scared of P2P and Even the RIAA Thinks That's Dumb

Ain't nobody in the US House of Representatives gonna be listening to no Spotify at work. Why? The House's IT overlords don't see fit. Not because Spotify is distracting and there's real work that needs to be done or anything, no. It's because Spotify has P2P guts and P2P is baaaaaaad, apparently. Yeah, even the RIAA »2/02/13 2:00pm2/02/13 2:00pm

The Recording Industry's Crusade Against Regular People Validated By $222,000 Appeal

Today an appeals court helped the RIAA extort $222,000 from Jammie Thomas-Rasset for distributing 24 songs on the internet. The original verdict called for a preposterous penalty of $1.92 million. Sure, this new amount of just under $9,000 a song is lower, but ugh, it's still absurd and horrible. »9/11/12 3:43pm9/11/12 3:43pm

Recording Industry Succeeds In Ruining a Kid's Life Over 31 Stupid Songs

Yesterday marked the end of Joel Tenenbaum's court battle with the RIAA over 31 songs he illegally distributed on Kazaa. A federal judge denied his latest appeal, and now he's on the hook for $675,000. That's nearly $22,000 per song, plus some wholesale character assassination that has now been sealed with judge's… »8/24/12 10:46am8/24/12 10:46am

Infuriating RIAA Knew That SOPA and PIPA Were Useless All Along

TorrentFreak has posted a supposedly leaked presentation by the RIAA's chief lawyer that says that it defended SOPA and PIPA even though it knew the censorship legislation wouldn't be effective against music piracy. Is the RIAA for real or are they just covering their asses, and what does it mean for your freedom… »7/30/12 2:40pm7/30/12 2:40pm