Pandora Internet Radio Can't Take Royalty Rates, Will Likely Close the Box

Pandora, the internet radio station built around your tastes, will probably be going out of business soon. After getting slapped by the CRB »8/17/08 4:00pm8/17/08 4:00pm with exorbitantly high royalty rates to continue playing music, says the company is facing a "pull-the-plug" situation. There's one congressman trying to help Pandora and it's…


David Byrne: Labels Should Ditch DRM, Accept Music Sales as a Loss Leader

David Byrne, former lead singer of the Talking Heads and pretty much the coolest geek on the face of the planet, spoke out against DRM and big record labels this week at South by Southwest. He predicted that online sales would surpass CD sales by 2012, forcing labels to choose between accepting music sales as a loss… »3/19/07 1:15pm3/19/07 1:15pm

NPR Says F$%! the RIAA, Albeit in an Erudite, Strongly Worded Letter After Some Tea

NPR isn't taking too kindly to the Sound Exchange-drafted royalty rate hike for internet radio stations. The burn? The new rates are "at least 20 times more than what stations have paid in the past" and treats public radio "as if [it] were commercial radio," though it's unable to bring in extra revenue to meet higher… »3/15/07 11:30am3/15/07 11:30am

RIAA Tires of Suing Babies and Elderly; Moves on to Paralyzed Stroke Victims

John Paladuk, a retired railroad employee whose left side was completely paralyzed by a stroke last year and uses the resulting disability check as his sole means of income, is being sued by the RIAA for copyright infringement. Also, he lived in Florida during the time period the RIAA is accusing him of engaging in… »3/14/07 12:26pm3/14/07 12:26pm