The hypnotic cinema of turning rice into sake

Making sake typically looks like a beautiful ancient art, but the way this video is cut and edited, it looks like a chase scene from a movie or an intense spazzmastic sequence from a music video. It’s addicting, hypnotic and completely cinematic. Just watch rice turn into delicious sake in this stunning black and… » 6/30/15 9:30pm 6/30/15 9:30pm

Eating Rice Oozed from a Tube Sounds Efficient and Delicious

Taking some inspiration from the sucker-in-a-sleeve known as a Push Pop, Takara Tomy's Smart Han bento lunchbox lets busy office drones enjoy sticky rice lunch extruded from a large tube. It's not unlike the Sushi Bazooka, except that this contraption is designed to pump the food directly into your mouth. » 9/12/12 10:40am 9/12/12 10:40am

McDonald's Miracle Flavored Rice Will Either Be the Most Delicious or Disgusting Thing You Eat in Your Life

The creativity that went in inventing McDonald's miracle flavored rice is so beyond my little human brain that I'd have to be high as a kite to understand the magic. But oh the magic. The culinary geniuses at RocketNews24 cooked rice with a Big Mac, fries, chicken nuggets, sauce and coke to deliver what has to be… » 2/21/12 6:40pm 2/21/12 6:40pm

Rice-Sized Solar Panels Produced Noodle-Sized Power

Researchers from the University of South Florida have developed a minuscule solar panel that's just 1/4 the size of a grain of rice. Yet when you combine 20 or so of the cells, they can create 7.8 volts of electricity. Sounds good so far, right? It gets better.The solar cells could easily be incorporated into coatings… » 11/07/08 4:20pm 11/07/08 4:20pm

Wired: Rice Cookers Reviewed, Asians Everywhere Surprised

Chris Null of Yahoo! Tech and Mark McClusky, one of my old mentors at Wired, did a side by side shootout of Rice Cookers. They actually went and dethroned what I always considered the king of the long grain, short grain, and everything in between: The Zojirushi, known to me as the Hattori Hanzo in its class.… » 11/16/06 6:35pm 11/16/06 6:35pm