McDonald's Miracle Flavored Rice Will Either Be the Most Delicious or Disgusting Thing You Eat in Your Life

The creativity that went in inventing McDonald's miracle flavored rice is so beyond my little human brain that I'd have to be high as a kite to understand the magic. But oh the magic. The culinary geniuses at RocketNews24 cooked rice with a Big Mac, fries, chicken nuggets, sauce and coke to deliver what has to be… »2/21/12 6:40pm2/21/12 6:40pm


Zojirushi Appliances Text You to Keep Grandma From Burning Down the House

You know, if your grandma is old and senile enough that you need a twice-daily email letting you know when she last used which appliances and for how long, it might be time to stick her in a home. But Zojirushi has developed a new system that does just that, so you have the peace of mind she hasn't burned down the… »2/15/08 12:47pm2/15/08 12:47pm