Watch the mad skills of this woman cooking rice paper roll sheets

I could spend hours sitting next to this woman, watching her making rice paper roll sheets. And then fill those rice papers with noodles, cilantro, shrimps, hoisin sauce, cook them in a steamer, and eat them with an ice cold beer. » 12/26/14 7:02pm 12/26/14 7:02pm

Insanely detailed hand-cut illustrations on rice paper

Bovey Lee—an artist based in Pittsburgh—has the skills and the endless patience to make these amazingly detailed illustrations. She hand cuts each one on a single sheet of Chinese xuan (rice) paper using a wide array of cutting instruments. The resulting pieces are delicate and mesmerizing. » 7/18/14 9:17pm 7/18/14 9:17pm

8,000 Sheets Of Rice Paper Can Organize Into Art

I know you're all wondering how many sheets of rice paper is a lot. And I'm going to tell you. 8,000. When I think of a lot of rice paper I am thinking of 8,000 sheets of rice paper. » 4/07/13 11:00am 4/07/13 11:00am