Bill Gates Lost $7 Billion Last Year, Is Still Richer Than God

Pity poor Bill Gates! In this terrible economy, he lost $7 billion last year, bringing his net worth down to… $50 Billion. » 10/01/09 9:20pm 10/01/09 9:20pm

Saudi Prince Dropping $475 Million on Airbus A380

The mystery baron who's dropping $475 million on an Airbus A380, the biggest commercial aircraft in existence, has been revealed. It's none other than everyone's favorite member of the Saudi royal family, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud. Oh Alwaleed, you were always the crazy one in the family! He… » 11/12/07 1:00pm 11/12/07 1:00pm

I'll Take the Airbus for $300 Million if You Throw Rustproofing In For…

Rich guys buy sports cars. Really rich guys buy private jets. Guys that want to live even more extravagantly? They buy entire airliners for personal use. » 2/21/07 4:15pm 2/21/07 4:15pm

Geez, and I thought those spinning rims were over-the-top.