Watch a House Go From Flatbed to Fully Built in Less Than a Day

If you're familiar with architect Richard Rogers, it's likely through buildings like the Pompidou Center and the London Shard, where the guts of the structure—from elevators to plumbing—are put on display. But did you know Rogers is also pioneering a new generation of flatpack prefab housing? »8/22/13 10:47am8/22/13 10:47am


London's Triangular "Cheesegrater" Tower Rises In This Gorgeous Video

British architect Richard Rogers is known for putting the guts of buildings on display. In fact, his work has even inspired the scatological style known as Bowellism. This summer, Rogers' exoskeletal style is being writ large in London, where he's building a wedge-shaped tower called the Leadenhall Building. And… »6/18/13 5:40pm6/18/13 5:40pm

Building Demolished from the Ground Up Looks Better than New

A 15-story office block in the heart of London is being demolished backwards in order to build a skyscraper in its place. Demolishers are working up from the ground level upwards, dismantling each floor to reveal the concrete core of the P&O building. Find out why, and the new skyscraper replacing it, after the jump. »8/03/07 8:29am8/03/07 8:29am