Cedar Point's Giant New Coaster Will Shatter Ten World Records Next Year

There are lots of coaster parks in the world, but few have dedicated themselves to pushing the limits of thrill rides like Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, has. And when it opens next summer, its new Valravn Birdseye coaster will officially break ten world records in one fell swoop. »9/14/15 9:20am9/14/15 9:20am


The World's First Figure-8 Ferris Wheel Hangs 430 Feet In the Air 

If Las Vegas has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t open a new casino without some kind of gimmick. Be it a fancy exclusive restaurant, an amazing waterworks show, or the world’s first ferris wheel shaped like a figure-8 that also happens to be perched 430 feet above the city of Cotai in Macau. »7/14/15 2:35pm7/14/15 2:35pm

Some Evil Genius Built a Giant Ride That Twists In Every Direction

I don’t really like going on upside down rides, due to my mortal fear of vomiting. But you know what? It would be worth all the puke in the world to ride this massive Tourbillon amusement park ride in Switzerland. It’s called Starlight, probably because it looks like it could enable interstellar travel. »6/29/15 3:23pm6/29/15 3:23pm

Go-Karts Meet Luge On This Dangerously Fun Downhill Thrill Ride

Watching Olympic lugers racing down those ice-slicked tracks looks like a lot of fun. But learning to safely steer those tiny sleds while lying prone on your back takes years of training. If you don't have the time for that, the Skyline Luge in Queensland, New Zealand is the next best thing. It's a downhill race… »1/02/15 4:33pm1/02/15 4:33pm

The World's Longest Zip Line Roller Coaster Looks Terrifyingly Awesome

Hanging off a zipline while you soar through the air is a great experience, but it's often just a straight-line run, and can rarely compare to the thrills you get on a roller coaster. So a bunch of enterprising Aussies had the brilliant idea to combine the two, creating the world's longest zip line that has you… »11/20/14 11:30am11/20/14 11:30am

A Tricycle That Leans and Rides More Like a Two-Wheeled Bike

Learning how to ride a two-wheeled bike is one of the biggest challenges a kid can face, and starting off on a tricycle doesn't make it any easier since it's a different riding experience—but why should it be? That's what brothers Steve and Rich Thrush asked before designing a new kind of pivoting tricycle that has… »10/30/14 11:52am10/30/14 11:52am

Coney Island's Newest Roller Coaster Is Narrower Than Most Apartments

This week marks the opening of the Thunderbolt, a modern roller coaster looping and corkscrewing through historic Coney Island in Brooklyn. The coaster is a towering orange lasso with 2200 feet of track, squeezed into an unbelievably narrow space. Here's our up close and personal look at NYC's latest thrill ride. »6/11/14 10:00am6/11/14 10:00am