Watch James Cameron's Aliens Animated in Just 60 Seconds

Who has time to watch a whole movie anymore? It's summer! So in the spirit of phoning in everything once the temperature rises above 70-ish, here's Ridley Scott's James Cameron's Aliens in 60 seconds of adorable animation. Brought to you, of course, by the fine folks who did Star Wars Episode IV, Back to the Future,… » 5/18/13 3:30pm 5/18/13 3:30pm

Ridley Scott Will Never Make Another Non-3D Movie

Does that mean we can expect a 3D treatment for Blade Runner? God knows there aren't enough different versions in existence already. The director announced at Comic-Con that he'll "never work without 3D again, even for small dialogue scenes." » 7/25/11 4:30am 7/25/11 4:30am