Pink BlackBerry Pearl Aimed at Consumer Market as RIM Feels iPhone Heat

RIM's response to the market-share-gulping iPhone is to try to appeal to the female consumer by splashing pink paint all over the BlackBerry Pearl. Sigh. Why do some manufacturers insist on churning out pink versions of their products for women? Research says women are not particularly into it—unless, of course, she… » 1/29/08 7:18am 1/29/08 7:18am

Blackberry with Rotating Keyboard in the Works?

The folks at Unwired View have been digging through the patent files again, this time unearthing some details on a RIM patent calling for a future Blackberry with a "rotatable keyboard" that can be used to fire out those quick e-mail messages. Another patent describes a phone similar to Nokia's butterfly-style E70.… » 2/05/07 2:16pm 2/05/07 2:16pm