7 of the Most Horrible Technology Sounds

Not long ago, I asked you for your picks of the worst sounds that technology has cursed us with. You answered with the shrill, shreiking screams of text across the internet. And here are a few of the standouts from our collective list of the most unappealing blips and bloops. » 3/16/15 3:35pm 3/16/15 3:35pm

What's The Best Ringtone You've Ever Heard?

There are two worlds of ringtones. There are the "this is my favorite song" ringtones and there are the "holy shit why didn't I think of that" ringtones. Music, pretty much by default, falls in the first category. The second category, that's harder to define. » 2/10/13 5:00pm 2/10/13 5:00pm

Nokia Hired An Entire Orchestra Just To Put Out a Couple of Measly…

Nokia was looking at some of its numbers when somebody noticed that the popularity of classical music ringtones was pretty high, second most popular. So did they shrug this inane newes off with amused sighs and feeble "that's neat"s? Not at all. They went out and hired a whole 55-piece orchestra to whip up 25 more.… » 12/02/12 4:00pm 12/02/12 4:00pm

T-Mobile's Obnoxious Scream Tones Will Help You Find a Lost Phone

No, you're not hearing a pack of wolves approaching. And a train is definitely not about to barrel through your living room. You're just hearing the cry of lost phone, hiding in your couch cushions among loose change and that elusive TV remote. » 4/10/12 5:54pm 4/10/12 5:54pm

Taliban Ringtones Are Saving Lives in Afghanistan

There's really no sense in buying ringtones anymore. That is, unless you're living in Afghanistan and need to convince threatful Taliban checkpoint guards you're not an insolent Coalition dog, but a Taliban sympathizer. Then your novelty ringtone might just save your life. » 12/29/11 12:46pm 12/29/11 12:46pm

Download the Muppets Gizmodo Ringtone for Free

We've been excited about the new Muppets movie for months, and now it's here. Have you seen it? We have! And we love it. And we love you too, so here's a Muppets/Gizmodo ringtone—totally free. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Muppetsgiving! » 11/24/11 12:30pm 11/24/11 12:30pm

Why Are We Still Buying Ringtones?

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. $2.1 billion worth of ringtones were sold this year? Who still buys these things? Why? I thought we all had our phones permanently set to silent. $2.1 BILLION?! » 11/10/11 5:20pm 11/10/11 5:20pm

Apple Now Sells You Ringtones Directly Through Your iPhone

In full compliance with Apple's "never use your computer for anything ever again" initiative, you can now buy ringtones and alert tones directly from your iPhone. REJOICE. [TheNextWeb] » 10/12/11 2:26pm 10/12/11 2:26pm

Get These Spacenerdgasmic NASA Ringtones for Your iPhone and Android

Attenshun space nerds with NASA underpants! NASA is now offering some really awesome ringtones for your iPhone, Android or whatever other phone you have. You must must must get these. MUST. » 9/23/11 8:08pm 9/23/11 8:08pm

Left Behind: Ringtones, Techno-Post-Its, and Other Stories We Didn't…

So much news passes before our collective eyes every day that we couldn't possibly cover it all. Mostly because much of it isn't worth covering! But here are a some borderline tidbits we passed on, just in case. » 9/07/11 8:00pm 9/07/11 8:00pm

Cleartones are a Beacon of Tranquility in a Sea of Cacophony

Ringtones suck. Not in theory but in practice. They exist for one reason and that is to notify; this however, doesn't stop everyone and their grandma from using screechy loops of "Ice Cream Paint-Job" instead. Enter Cleartones by Hugo Verweij. » 5/31/11 11:00pm 5/31/11 11:00pm

What Do Kings Use for Ringtones?

Would you believe me if I said that King Juan Carlos of Spain has the sound of giggling children set as his ringtone? And that it went off during a meeting with a Honduran ambassador? » 1/14/11 10:40pm 1/14/11 10:40pm

How Much Did LG Have to Pay Ennio Morricone to Make Their Ringtones?

When it comes to soundtracks, Ennio Morricone is virtually unmatched. Composing tunes for movies like The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, he's earned the right to do whatever the hell he wants. And apparently, that includes composing LG ringtones. » 1/05/11 12:40am 1/05/11 12:40am

Ringtone Creation Stripped From iTunes 10

For reasons unknown, it appears Apple has removed from iTunes 10 the ability to create ringtones out of your songs for $0.99. The feature is still intact in previous versions of iTunes. [Mac Life] » 9/02/10 5:12pm 9/02/10 5:12pm

Japanese Ringtone Promises to Clear Your Sinuses

A company called Japan Ringing Tone Laboratory has created the "Hana Sukkiri Melody" ringtone, which claims to be able to clear out your sinuses whenever anybody calls you. Ah-whaaaa? » 3/04/10 11:00am 3/04/10 11:00am

A Beautiful Song Built Around Nokia's Classic Tone

There was a time when a Nokia phone was all I wanted. Those days are gone. This haunting piano composition, based on their hallmark ringtone, written by classicalist Marc-André Hamelin, reminds me of times when Nokia was state-of-the-art. » 1/12/10 4:16pm 1/12/10 4:16pm

Paramount to Launch Video Clip Service Modeled on Ringtones

Paramount is set to launch a new online video service called Paramount Clips that will deliver short movie clips of your choice for a fee, sort of like ringtones. Will it save the movie industry? Probably not! » 12/15/09 3:20am 12/15/09 3:20am

Somali Terrorists Ban Musical Ringtones

Seriously, how messed up is this. Al Shabaab insurgents in Somalia (Al Qaeda's proxy in the region) are going around flogging teenagers for listening to music and watching videos on their phones. Not to mention the senseless killings and amputations. » 11/05/09 6:13am 11/05/09 6:13am