Nokia Hired An Entire Orchestra Just To Put Out a Couple of Measly…

Nokia was looking at some of its numbers when somebody noticed that the popularity of classical music ringtones was pretty high, second most popular. So did they shrug this inane newes off with amused sighs and feeble "that's neat"s? Not at all. They went out and hired a whole 55-piece orchestra to whip up 25 more.… » 12/02/12 4:00pm 12/02/12 4:00pm

Good News, You're Not Infringing Copyrights When Your Ringtone Goes Off

Funny thing about ringtones: A royalty's paid every time one's downloaded, but the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers wanted royalties paid every time one is played, claiming that it's a public performance. A federal judge says nope. » 10/15/09 2:48pm 10/15/09 2:48pm