What Happens When a Hardcore Rock Band Doesn't Pay Its Sound Engineer?

This song is supposed to be a hardcore rock song. And though it has the punching anger throat sounds of any respectable hardcore rock song, it so obviously doesn't have anything else that quite resemble the music of core hards. Instead, the song is mixed with an EDM dance track. That's because the band didn't pay its… » 10/23/13 11:19pm 10/23/13 11:19pm

Apple Not Selling iPhones in Canadian Apple Stores on Launch Day

Apple's apparently so fed up with the high pricing that Rogers is shoving into Canadian iPhone owners' faces that there will be no iPhone 3Gs sold at Apple Stores in Canada this Friday. This follows up Apple's previous action of diverting stock from Canada to Europe, and really sets the tone that they're unhappy with… » 7/08/08 12:41pm 7/08/08 12:41pm

Fake Chinese iPhone is Pretty Good Photocopy of the Real Deal

A forum poster over at Macrumors has posted photos of a fake iPhone that's close enough to the real hardware that you might believe it at first glance. Its proportions are off, the screen's not wide-sized and there's a mini-USB connector instead of an iPod dock one, but even the packaging is mocked-up to look… » 7/03/08 3:56am 7/03/08 3:56am

When Companies Copy Gadgets, Is It Inspiration or Stealing? The Experts Speak

When a company comes out with an innovative, landmark product, many other companies will end up incorporating those design features into their own products over time. But at what point does drawing inspiration from a rival's innovations become simple bootlegging? We asked three experts. » 6/16/08 4:00pm 6/16/08 4:00pm

China Presents the Goochi Guchy Gucci Cellphone

The Italian fashion house so beloved of fans of pubic topiary is no stranger to having its products knocked off by enterprising people wanting some of the Gucci dollar. Nevertheless, you can bet your life that its people will wince when they see just how a chinese cellphone company has interpreted the brand. The… » 12/11/07 5:07am 12/11/07 5:07am

Rumor Smashed: Meizu Didn't Rip Off Artist For Phone Renders

Despite making a Meizu phone that looks way too close to the iPhone to be a coincidence, the latest news about Meizu ripping off an artist to pimp their work is off-base. It's true that someone placed Deviant Art artist Lithium Picnic's photo onto a Meizu M8, but it turns out that the image was actually rendered by a… » 11/27/07 4:00pm 11/27/07 4:00pm