ION LP 2 Flash Turntable Rips Your Vinyl Records Straight to a Thumb Drive or SD Card

We've seen turntables designed especially for digitizing your crusty old vinyl for years, but ION's LP 2 Flash deck one-ups all that I've seen by recording straight to an SD card or USB thumb drive for quick transferring to a computer or recording straight to your PMP. And if you get tired of being so retro, it'll… » 9/11/08 9:20am 9/11/08 9:20am

DVD Jon's doubleTwist Allows Ripping of iTunes Music Files

Only a few people remember this, but DVD Jon cracked Apple's Fairplay DRM way back in late 2006 and offered it up for companies to purchase the tech and integrate it into their own media files. Now DVD Jon has started his own company called doubleTwist that lets people rip protected iTunes music in order to have those… » 2/19/08 1:40pm 2/19/08 1:40pm

JB7 Digital Jukebox Lets You Rip Your Tunes Without a PC

3ga has just announced the JB7 digital jukebox, which allows the user to directly rip CDs to its internal HDD, negating the use for a PC. Standard rip time is less than five minutes, and the JB7 is available in either 40GB ($586) or 80GB ($625) flavors. Other features include alarm clock mode, USB connectivity, 30… » 2/06/08 5:40am 2/06/08 5:40am

MediaCatcher Music Ripping Software for Free

MediaCatcher, the software used to rip music directly to portable media devices like the iPod and Zune will be available for free. » 1/08/07 10:00am 1/08/07 10:00am

It's kind of like recording a mix-tape from the FM radio, like way back in the day, but a little more high-tech. It's legal, too, supposedly. I'll be checking it out—nothing to lose.…