Rise: An Alarm You Can Actually Enjoy Waking Up To

The iPhone's stock alarm app is kind of terrible. You have to navigate through multiple screens, flip switches, and spin what feels like an infinite roll of numbers. And that's just to turn it on. Minimalist, simplified apps have started popping up everywhere, so while Rise is no surprise, it's still a relief to ditch… » 1/07/13 6:04pm 1/07/13 6:04pm

RiSE Robot Climbs Poles Like Some Sort of Ferocious Animal

The Big Dog robot is scary, but at least you know you can get away from it by climbing a tree. Not so with the RiSE robot, which climbs poles with ease. » 5/14/09 1:00pm 5/14/09 1:00pm

wii fit april fools (?): Worldwide ring of infect standing up as one…

The time has come to get more serious in considering (keep clicking please click here). Proof the Nintendo Wii has aligned itself with our cause. Please click here. » 4/01/09 12:50pm 4/01/09 12:50pm

RISE Three-part CD Player Keeps Components Safe From...Each Other?

Audiophiles will stop at nothing to reach aural nirvana, which is the only justification for RISE's existence. Hand crafted in Italy, RISE is a CD player in which the various components (power source, control panel, and a Philips CD reader) are stashed in separate aluminum boxes to eliminate all mechanical and… » 8/09/07 11:07pm 8/09/07 11:07pm

RiSE: Tree-Climbing Robot

When I was about eight, I dropped a jar of mayonnaise on the ground, covering my mother's feet in oily funk. She flipped out and started to chase me with a whiffle bat. I think she was drunk. » 3/09/06 9:13am 3/09/06 9:13am