Philips Clock Radio / Digital Photo Frame: The Joy of Family Pictures at 6 AM

If you fancy waking up to the sight of your loved ones, you may be interested in this Philips AJL308 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame, Alarm Clock, Radio and MP3 player combo. This do-it-all device can even be loaded with pictures, video and music from a PC USB connection, memory stick or SD card. No doubt it would make… »11/07/07 5:38pm11/07/07 5:38pm


Dr. Light Alarm Clock Sheds Light on Your Circadian Rhythms

This one of the more misleading alarm clocks we've seen lately. The Dr. Light Alarm Clock lamp looks like its mother was an iPod and its father was some kind of Jetsons-imitating telephone. That doesn't mean this alarm clock/lighting instrument is without merit; it has LEDs lined up on its front to simulate dawn and… »10/31/07 12:50pm10/31/07 12:50pm