Robotic Cockroaches Are Perfect Tiny Aircraft Carriers for Robotic Birds

Humanity wouldn’t be where it is today if we didn’t learn how to work together, but robots have once again demonstrated that they’re much faster at adapting than us because a robotic cockroach is now helping a robotic bird take flight without the need for a human to launch it. » 5/26/15 11:45am Yesterday 11:45am

Are China's Robot Restaurants a Threat To American National Security?

It seems like every other week a new robot restaurant opens in China. Meanwhile, you know who hasn’t opened a robot restaurant in basically forever? America. That’s right. Forget our students’ math test scores and our number of fighter jets, China is eating our lunch in the only area that really matters. And that… » 5/22/15 12:49pm Friday 12:49pm

Study: Robot Handshake Just As Good As Human Handshake For Negotiations

How do we know that we live in the future? Politicians are shaking hands with robots. Like a lot. The practice may seem silly, but new research shows that shaking hands with a robot can actually be useful for building trust during business negotiations — provided the robot is controlled by a human negotiator. » 5/13/15 1:20pm 5/13/15 1:20pm

Self-Driving Cars Are Already Getting Into Accidents [Updated]

Update 06/21: Google has emphasized that none of the accidents its cars were involved with were the fault of its self-driving vehicles, and has updated its recorded miles to nearly a million. With that information, the accident rate for self-driving cars looks less unsettling and a lot more reassuring. » 5/11/15 9:52am 5/11/15 9:52am

So This Is What a Terrifying Quadcopter Tornado Looks Like

We’ve covered the remarkable work that researchers at ETH Zurich have been doing with robots and quadcopters before, but did you know its facility has a dedicated Flying Machine Arena where they tether drones to poles and make them fly in circles at terrifying speeds? It’s even more amazing than it sounds. » 5/07/15 1:26pm 5/07/15 1:26pm