Super Speedy Electric Cockroaches Are Almost as Creepy as the Real Thing

There's nothing that inspires shriek-worthy horror quite like the terrible skittering of a cockroach bursting out from whatever dark corner and racing frantically to the next. Well that's not reserved for just normal, squishable cockroaches any more. The VelociRoACH, a six-legged, 4-inch little sucker, darts around… »1/11/13 11:00am1/11/13 11:00am

Build Your Own Electric Roach Motel: They Can Check In, But They Won't Check Out

Nobody wants to flick on a light in their kitchen to see a bunch of cockroaches scurrying about. And depending on where you live, its not like a rinky-dink little roach motel will get the job done. Those suckers can be huge. Sure you could use a baseball bat or a gun, but if you don't get the jump on them one of these… »1/10/08 6:15pm1/10/08 6:15pm

Wii Attracts Roaches Like Week-Old Pizza, Your White Trash Cousins?

Japanese entertainment rag BARKS is floating the idea that the Wii puts out a sound frequency that "calls out" to and attracts the dirty little creepy-crawlers—gokiburi, one of my favorite Japanese words, even though I hate roaches. It's probably bunk and (BARK admits it might be), but have any of you noticed your… »12/13/07 9:00pm12/13/07 9:00pm

Roaches Follow Robot Overlords to Certain Doom, Studies Show

According to actual scientific research, a robotic Pied Piper can lead a flock (gaggle?) of roaches out of a secure location and into the open, where they could technically be exterminated more easily. José Halloy, a biology researcher at the Free University of Brussels, was lead author on a paper published today in … »11/16/07 10:35am11/16/07 10:35am