Screaming Fan Has an Anatomically Correct Uvula

Scare kids and small animals everywhere with The Screaming Fan, a 3D sculpture of a crazed sports fanatic yelling his fool head off. It hangs out your car window, attached by a "break-resistant window bracket," but you'll have to supply your own screaming sound effects. This $25 rubberized torso can't decide whether it's … » 7/11/07 9:25am 7/11/07 9:25am

Roadmaster Message Systems Let Others Know You Want to Fight

There's no better way to get yourself punched in the face than being sassy to someone with road rage. With that in mind, Roadmaster is releasing their new Scrolling Message System. It comes loaded with 99 phrases that you won't ever need to use, such as "Your lights aren't working" and "Baby on board." The real selling… » 2/28/07 3:45pm 2/28/07 3:45pm