Roadrunner Military Supercomputer Sets Processing Record

Roadrunner, the IBM supercomputer at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, manages 1.026 quadrillion calculations per seconds, also known as a Petaflop. Twice as fast as IBM's Blue Gene/L, the previous World's Fastest, the Roadrunner—also from the House of IBM, will be used, once classified, to solve military… »6/09/08 7:45am6/09/08 7:45am

Roadrunner Beware: Real-Life Crotch Rocket Spotted in the Wild

Hope and doubt are at war today as we pore over this picture of a literal crotch rocket. On the one hand, it looks pretty legit, right down to the stabilizing fins, exhaust port for the motorcycle housed within, and blast marks that are no doubt from one of the many instances where this beast dumped out while breaking… »4/20/08 1:30pm4/20/08 1:30pm

RoadRunner Bluetooth NeckSet Translates Throat Vibrations Into Phone Conversations

Regular Bluetooth headsets, however small, have the unfortunate distinction of being on your "head" and not your "neck," a problem this RoadRunner Bluetooth Communicator aims to solve. The bulk of it wraps around your neck, attaching onto the side of your throat in order to turn your throat vibrations into sounds it… »3/03/08 6:00pm3/03/08 6:00pm

HBO on Broadband: All-You-Can-Eat Movie and TV Downloads

If you had just three fewer hoops to jump through for HBO on Broadband, it'd be an amazing service. So, if you have Time Warner in Wisconsin, HBO on Demand and Roadrunner broadband (and Windows), you can download to your PC as much as you want from a catalog of 600 shows and movies they'll throw up every month, plus… »1/21/08 11:36am1/21/08 11:36am

Time Warner Cable Support Trouble? Here's the Magic Password

We've had trouble with Time Warner Cable before, and will probably have it again, but next time we'll be armed with this helpful hint from our balls-to-the-wall compadres at The Consumerist. It appears that if you have the magic password, the drones at Time Warner Customer Support will bump you upstairs to the techies… »8/04/06 10:50am8/04/06 10:50am