Hindsight Cyclist Glasses Are Eyes in The Back of Your Head, Kinda

The Nike Hindsight cyclist's glasses from designer Billy May (we loved his Torn lights before) are designed to do one simple thing: stop cyclists from getting hurt on the roads. At the extended side of each lens is a carefully arranged high-power Fresnel lens that captures the view to the sides of the wearer's head,… » 10/22/08 5:09am 10/22/08 5:09am

Chrysler Cars With In-Car Internet and WiFi This Year; Road Safety…

Chrysler has announced its intention to bring internet access to its vehicles. The functionality will be added to existing models this year, and will be followed by assembly line produced, internet ready automobiles. The connections will rely on mobile phone towers and a monthly subscription charge will be levied on… » 3/23/08 12:15pm 3/23/08 12:15pm