How to Hack the New Road Signs (Updated)

We knew hacking road signs was easy (and illegal), but they changed the control boxes in the latest models and nobody knew to handle those—until now. Here's the manual, so you can warn people of zombies and raptors ahead. » 10/10/11 10:44am 10/10/11 10:44am

A Fence Made from Road Signs

In a project that combines recycling and repurposing, YouthBuild built a fence from old road signs. The signs were cut, sanded, filed and drilled to create pickets and I think the finishing result looks great. Instead of just mirroring the road signs, they were broken apart and combined to create a swarm of color and… » 3/20/11 7:00pm 3/20/11 7:00pm

Road Signs To Tell It Like It Is This Year

With an unexpected snowfall blanketing much of the East Coast for New Years, someone—either a traffic worker with a sense of humor or an average Joe with a sense of civic duty—reprogrammed this New England traffic sign. » 1/02/10 11:00am 1/02/10 11:00am

Authorities Warn Against Road Sign Hacking on Radio

OK people, I know we were the ones who promoted this idea, and then laughed and applauded when you followed up. But now the authorities are getting serious, according to reader Dan Mowchan: » 2/05/09 8:50am 2/05/09 8:50am

Velociraptors Now Hunting Drivers On Indiana Roads

The apocalyptical road sign hacking continues after zombies attacked Austin a few days ago. Now, fossil raptors have been revived in Indiana and they are attacking motorists. At least, that's what some of them think. » 2/03/09 11:59am 2/03/09 11:59am