Intel's Atom Roadmap Revealed: "Pineview" Chips Due Fall 2009, Use New I-O Interface

Yesterday it was AMD, and today PC Watch has got hold of Intel's Atom roadmap: looks like the next-generation of chips, dubbed "Pineview," will hit in Q3 of next year. The 45nm processors will follow the route taken by the current gen, using hyperthreading to double up single and dual processor cores so that the OS… »9/05/08 8:15am9/05/08 8:15am

Leaked Sprint Roadmap Shows Palm Treo 800W, BlackBerry Curve And Possibly the HTC Touch Pro

Here's an alleged upcoming Sprint roadmap for Q3 2008 that shows several interesting phones and several lowbies. What you're probably looking forward to is the Palm Treo 800W and the BlackBerry Curve in red on July 13, but there's also the blue LG Rumor, MotoRAZR VE20, Sanyo Katana Eclipse, Samsung M320, Samsung M220,… »7/09/08 12:19pm7/09/08 12:19pm

Motorola's 2008 Cellphones Leaked (Guess What They Look Like!)

If you were hoping Motorola's 2008 cellphone lineup was going to turn around their "slump", we've got good news and bad news for you. The bad news is most of their phones are pretty much retreads of old devices, and there aren't any great new form factors—not even an iPhone clone—to speak of. The good news is that the… »4/18/08 3:46pm4/18/08 3:46pm

Samsung OLED Product Roadmap Shows 40-inch TVs in 2010

OLED fans will have to be patient, as Samsung's roadmap for the technology shows them only in small handheld devices for this year and next, ramping up to laptop and desktop displays in '09 and finally 40-inch TVs in 2010. After these TVs invade your home and take all your money in the process, Samsung will follow up… »10/29/07 5:00pm10/29/07 5:00pm

HTC's Roadmap Shows Sliders, Smartphones, and Fingerprint Recognition

CTI Miami got their hands on HTC's latest roadmap for their upcoming phones. Among them are the Kaiser, which is along the same lines as the Sprint Mogul (GSM), and the Vogue, which is like the HTC Touch. Some of the more interesting ones are the Nike, which is a WM6 Professional (that's the touchscreen one) that… »6/21/07 4:00pm6/21/07 4:00pm