​Tesla Roadster 3.0 Can Drive From SF To LA (400 Miles!) In One Charge

Tesla is out with its 3.0 upgrade for the Roadster, and by combining improved aerodynamics, reduced rolling resistance, and new batteries, Tesla claims its achieved a 40-50 percent improvement on range. And it's going to test that with a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. » 12/26/14 12:55pm 12/26/14 12:55pm

​The First Tesla With Nearly A 400-Mile Range Is The Old Roadster

Tesla's earliest adopters were promised an update to the Roadster before the end of the year and Elon Musk is delivering with less than a week to spare. » 12/26/14 9:15am 12/26/14 9:15am

​Driving the World's Most Iconic Roadster on America's Greatest Road

​Polaris Slingshot: Can Three Wheels Make A Better Roadster?

What you're looking at is going to be one of the most fun cars debuting for 2015. But, the Polaris Slingshot isn't a car, it's a "motorcycle." Here's why that matters and what it means for you, the enthusiast driver. » 7/28/14 2:21pm 7/28/14 2:21pm

Tesla's Roadster 2.5 Electric Car Now Has a Touchscreen and Rear Video…

Over-hyped and over-priced it may be, you've got to smile at Tesla upgrading its lusted-after electric Roadster car with iPod/iPhone compatibility and a 7-inch touchscreen, which is supported by a rear camera for parking problems. » 7/02/10 2:40pm 7/02/10 2:40pm

Tesla Roadster May Set New Record for Distance on A Single Charge

Potentially setting a new record for distance travelled by a production electric car on a single charge, a Tesla Roadster finished the entire, 241-mile-long Rallye Monte Carlo d'Energies Alternatives without even draining its battery. » 4/09/09 11:45pm 4/09/09 11:45pm

Tesla Jacks Up Prices On Customers Who Already Ordered a Roadster

Not that an extra $9,300 really matters with a $100,000 car, but Telsa jacking up the prices on customers that have already locked in their Roadster orders is just plain shady. » 1/20/09 7:00pm 1/20/09 7:00pm

Tesla Needs a Government Bailout Too

Tesla, the electronic auto maker, has just stated that it needs a $350,000,000 government loan in order to produce their upcoming four-door Model S Sedan. » 12/10/08 9:00pm 12/10/08 9:00pm

Tesla Lays off Some Detroit Staff By Blog

Bad news for electric car fans and the guys who build 'em. Tesla » 10/17/08 12:30pm 10/17/08 12:30pm has let go 90% of their Detroit staff in the interest of "consolidating" their workforce in San Jose. The lucky remainder gets to relocate to California, no expenses paid, to keep their jobs. Then again, the economy is bad and Tesla isn't exactly raking…

Tesla Sues White Star Ex-Designer for Sabotage

Tesla Motors, maker of the much hyped (and well reviewed) electric Roadster is suing Fisker Automotive, the outfit behind fake vroom-y Karma, for stealing Tesla's design and trade secrets. Supposedly, this pushed the sale date for Tesla's four-door sedan, White Star, back six months, to 2010. Henrik Fisker (the… » 4/15/08 10:45am 4/15/08 10:45am

Three Tesla Electric Car Reviews

The Telsa Roadster's been a long ways a comin', and here are the first reviews in the March issues of the fossil-fuel loving, pulp-based mongrel cousins of Jalopnik. And after a few hours flogging the e-car on California's Skyline Boulevard, most pubs have concluded that the Tesla is the first electric car—the first… » 2/08/08 7:01am 2/08/08 7:01am

Tesla Branches into Gas-Electric Hybrid Market

Tesla plans to enter the gas-electric hybrid market, with the first range extended vehicle (REV) to hit the streets by the end of 2009. Their all electric models negate the use for a gas motor entirely, but by adding a gas motor they will be able to produce hybrid vehicles with better performance.
» 2/02/08 6:00pm 2/02/08 6:00pm

Tesla Electric Sports Car Wins INDEX Award To Confirm Sexiness

It's a good day for people who love things that go really, really fast. Our favorite super electric car — the Tesla Roadster — has won an INDEX prize for being so damn cool. The INDEX prizes are the world's most lucrative design awards, given every two years for five categories — body, home, work, play and community —… » 8/24/07 7:24pm 8/24/07 7:24pm

Tesla Roadster Won't Meet Original Range Promises

Aw, shucks. The Tesla Roadster, everyone's favorite electric sports car, isn't going to be quite as impressive as the initial stats claimed. While the first announcements about the car said it would have a 250 mile range, a letter that was sent out to the first 380+ people who've ordered one let them know that, due to… » 4/18/07 11:30am 4/18/07 11:30am

Tesla Opening Electric Car Dealerships This Fall

If you've been waiting for your chance to buy a hot, hot Tesla electric car (such as their Roadster or Whitestar), good news. The electric car company is planning on opening 5 dealerships around the country this fall. » 3/16/07 4:00pm 3/16/07 4:00pm

Tesla Roadster Sells Out First 100 Cars

This may be "shocking news" to General Motors, but apparently there's a pretty decent demand for an all-electric vehicle in today's market. The Tesla Roadster Electric, which does 0-60 in four seconds and promises not to explode on the freeway have all been called for. » 8/15/06 7:24pm 8/15/06 7:24pm