My Gadget-Loving Nerd Friends: Lisa Katayama and Steven Leckart Writing…

I know this isn't facebook/twitter, but my friends Joel Johnson and Rob Beschizza have just picked up my surfing/WIRED buddy Steve Leckart and sweetheart Lisa Katayama as tech writers at BoingBoing Gadgets. If those 4 threw a party, I'd stop playing Xbox and go to it, so to speak. So please stop by and say hello to… » 4/06/09 6:19pm 4/06/09 6:19pm

A MacBook Air Parody that Goes One Better than Wafer-Thin

Gadget Lab's Rob Beschizza has made himself a little piss-take of the MacBook Air. Curved corners—that's an Ives-esque attention to detail you've got there—and a killer punchline. This one goes out to all the secret Luddites who read the Giz. [YouTube via Wired] » 1/29/08 6:52am 1/29/08 6:52am