Why Robbie Bach Left Microsoft, and Why It Matters

Microsoft President of Entertainment and Devices—that's Xbox, Zune, Kin, Courier, et al—Robbie Bach announced his retirement today. And in his exit interview with TechFlash, he holds forth on the once and future Microsoft. So Robbie: what happens now? » 5/25/10 5:59pm 5/25/10 5:59pm

Robbie Bach Promises Windows Mobile Won't Evolve So Damn Glacially From…

Asked why it took so damn long to get from Windows Mobile 6.1 to 6.5 (which there isn't a whole lot of difference, honestly), Robbie Bach says that the shift from a business focus to an all-around one, was huge, and took a lot of time. » 10/06/09 1:33pm 10/06/09 1:33pm

Interview: Robbie Bach Tells How Windows Mobile Will Be Steered To…

In my interview with Robbie Bach, I asked him about the viability of Windows Mobile as a consumer platform. Though many watchers doubt it, Bach seems convinced it's a good play. Bonus clip: » 1/09/09 4:08pm 1/09/09 4:08pm

Interview: Robbie Bach Explains Why There's No Portable Xbox

At CES, I interviewed Robbie Bach, big boss of Microsoft's Entertainments and Devices division, asking big questions about Zune, Windows Mobile and Xbox. First up: Why no mobile Xbox to rival Sony and Nintendo? » 1/08/09 8:30pm 1/08/09 8:30pm

Live: Microsoft CES 2009 Keynote Kicks Off The Ballmer Years

Here at CES 2009 in Las Vegas, Steve Ballmer has kicked off his speech wearing Bill Gates' old shoes. Was TechCrunch right about the speech's contents? Update: Here's video of the keynote: » 1/07/09 9:15pm 1/07/09 9:15pm

Robbie Bach Denies Blu-ray Xbox and Zune Phone, But Hints Zune Touch,…

In an SFGate interview running today, Robbie Bach, Microsoft's president for entertainment and devices, touched on many familiar points: Zune is more than a product, it's a platform, and because of that, we shouldn't be surprised if pieces of it turn up on other devices. However, as for a Zune phone or any other… » 6/08/08 4:30pm 6/08/08 4:30pm

Steve Jobs Smack Talks Zune, Brings Drunkenness Into It

CNBC's Jim Goldman thought he was engaging in a little harmless name-dropping to Steve Jobs when he mentioned that he and Microsoft's Robbie Bach spoke last week at CES, but Steve Jobs took it another way. When Goldman repeated Bach's statement about how the version 2 Zune was now a worthy alternative to the iPod,… » 1/17/08 7:01pm 1/17/08 7:01pm

Did Robbie Bach Trash Apple TV?

During the Microsoft keynote, we heard Robbie Bach just say "We take [television software] seriously, it's not just a hobby for us." (Emphasis on 'hobby'.) » 1/06/08 10:41pm 1/06/08 10:41pm