Artist Births Jedi In Seven Months Flat

Robert Burden, the time lapse painter who's graced Gizmodo before with his He-Man Battle Cat and Voltron paintings, is back. The latest is "Birth of a Jedi." And no, that's not a third leg coming out of the Tauntaun. » 7/18/10 11:00am 7/18/10 11:00am

Beautiful Voltron Painting Took an Entire Year, Captured in Time-Lapse…

San Francisco artist Robert Burden spent a year — a year » 11/18/08 5:46am 11/18/08 5:46am — painting his man-sized Voltron , "Defensor Mundi", and caught the whole process in time-lapse. Sure, the floral theme doesn't inspire much confidence in Voltron's RoBeast-slaying abilities, but the music and painting are a treat. [ via ]