Captain America: Civil War Is the Fantastic Avengers Movie Age of Ultron Should Have Been

At the center of Captain America: Civil War is the most spectacular action scene we’ve ever seen in a superhero movie. Twelve superheroes in one place, fighting with each other, a battle packed with excitement, humor, and personal stakes. It’s the kind of set piece even the biggest Hollywood blockbuster would kill to…


All the Cool Stuff in the New Captain America: Civil War Trailer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Spider-Man may be the biggest bombshell from the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War, but there’s plenty more to discuss. Here’s all the information we discovered during our careful examination of the footage. Did we miss anything? Add your thoughts in the comments!

After Less Than Two Weeks, Deadpool Is Already the Biggest X-Men Movie Ever

For almost seven years, 20th Century Fox sat on the script for Deadpool, scared that it wouldn’t make any money. Now, two weekends after the film’s release, it’s already the highest grossing X-Men movie ever, in terms of domestic, non-adjusted box office—which is the metric everybody uses when they’re talking about…