Tireless Robot Pack Haulers Deployed to Afghanistan

Robot buses at Heathrow. Robot haulers deployed to Afghanistan. Is the Isaac Asimov estate getting kickbacks for all the future that's happening this weekend or what? » 8/07/11 8:00pm 8/07/11 8:00pm

Kyosho Robo Hopper Helicopter Man: The Movie

The Kyosho Robo Hopper beats los pantalones off other similar flying toys like the RC Helicopter or the WowWee Dragonfly because it reminds us of a Japanese Inspector Gadget. Check the guy out in full motion as he whirls around a Japanese office space complete with snazzy Japanese soundtrack. Go Go Gadget Decapitation… » 11/27/07 2:15pm 11/27/07 2:15pm

ROBO Chair, Voice Controlled Massage Chair For the Lazy Elitist

The INADA ROBO chair is the every-man's dream. It has all of the features that your typical massage chair includes like a 3D rolling mechanism, leg massager and 170˚ reclining ability. But it has one more trick up its armrest that sets it apart, voice activation. » 7/02/07 8:30pm 7/02/07 8:30pm