Robocup 2008 Droids Cooperate Like Real Soccer Team, With Fewer Hissy Fits

Miniature humanoid robots are getting more impressive by the day: this video shows the Darmstadt Dribblers team in action in the recent 2008 Robocup. And if you notice, they're really playing like proper autonomous soccer teams. It's the first year that three-on-three playing action has happened, and thus required… »7/21/08 5:22am7/21/08 5:22am

RoboCup Rescue: A Rubble Hellscape With Screaming, Wriggling Dolls

The RoboCup soccer tourney gets all the publicity, but the RoboCup Rescue competition kicking off this week in Germany is thrilling in a more macabre way: Each year the rubble-strewn maze gets more and more complicated, as robots use AI and all their mechanical faculties to locate (though not necessarily recover)… »4/22/08 1:00pm4/22/08 1:00pm

RoboCup 2007 Underway in Atlanta, Humanoid Bots Clash for World Title

Although these bots have a long way to go before they're able to beat a human team of soccer players, the RoboCup organizers say their goal is to have a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can beat the world champion soccer team by 2050, so they have plenty of time to practice. Meanwhile, the annual world… »7/06/07 8:44am7/06/07 8:44am