Self-Driving Cars Are Already Getting Into Accidents [Updated]

Update 06/21: Google has emphasized that none of the accidents its cars were involved with were the fault of its self-driving vehicles, and has updated its recorded miles to nearly a million. With that information, the accident rate for self-driving cars looks less unsettling and a lot more reassuring. » 5/11/15 9:52am 5/11/15 9:52am

Robot Car Crashes Into Manned Vehicle; Where'd You Learn to Drive?

The $3.5 million DARPA Urban Challenge semifinals are underway, and in these qualifying rounds the robot cars are all vying for the right to participate in the actual race on November 3. On this qualifying course, you can see Axion Racing's vehicle, "Spirit," making a pretty dumb move, taking a left turn directly into… » 10/30/07 8:55am 10/30/07 8:55am