Robot Hand Can Sense Objects Before Touching Them

Over at Intel's R&D fair, Wired got to play with a robot hand that is able to sense an object it's about to come in contact with before actually touching it. Using electrolocation, the fingertips of the robot hand send out a weak electrical impulse, and approaching objects interfere with that impulse, which allows the… » 6/11/08 11:26pm 6/11/08 11:26pm

Intel's Robot Arms Look With Their Eyes, Not With Their Hands

The problem with robot claws and hands is that they really don't know how hard to grip an object unless they're either pre-programmed or they test out the hardness themselves. The latter isn't a great idea if the object is, say, your arm, so Intel's invented a process to scan the object beforehand with sensors to… » 9/17/07 4:00pm 9/17/07 4:00pm