We Aren't Doing Enough to Prepare Ourselves for Robot Love

It's kind of a funny story—kind of. Soldiers are spending so much time with robots on the battlefield these days that they're starting to form relationships with them. They give them names. They give them hugs, a little brotherly love. Soldiers getting attached to their robots would be funny, if it weren't so… »10/30/13 5:40pm10/30/13 5:40pm


Roomba Driving Owners Crazy with Anthropomorphic Robot Love

A study of 30 Roomba users found the owners of the robotic vacuum cleaner often developing emotional attachments to their little bundles of plastic, metal and wiring. Of the 30 people in the study, 21 of them named their Roombas, 16 of them referred to it as a "he," and some even went so far as to pre-clean the floors… »10/02/07 4:20pm10/02/07 4:20pm