US Military Pretty Much Commissions a Real-Life Gordon Freeman Power Suit

The Office of Naval Research just threw a $1.6m grant at some UCSD researchers, to be used to build a "field hospital on a chip". The system will monitor a few biomarkers for deviations from safe levels, at which point it will automatically medicate its wearer »11/04/08 8:20am11/04/08 8:20am. While the military hopes that such a device could provide…

Rent Your Own HAL Exoskeleton For The Low, Low Price of $1000!

Are you a feeble, pasty pansy? For the low price of $1000 a month, you could overcome your physical limitations with a HAL exoskeleton from Cyberdyne. While HAL prototypes have been around for a few years now, Cyberdyne has just begun building a lab that will mass produce 400-500 of the suits per year starting this… »4/17/08 2:30pm4/17/08 2:30pm

Kanagawa Institute of Technology Develops Robot Suit, Fuels Superhero Fantasies

The Kanagawa Institute of Technology has developed a robotic suit that will aid in the care of elderly individuals who need physical support. The suit, showcased at a trade show in Japan this week, is intended to help personal caregivers lift those they look after, while reducing the strain on themselves. The unit… »10/07/07 6:55pm10/07/07 6:55pm