Watch 22 of the Dumbest Robots You've Ever Seen Try to Fight 

Building a robot is... pretty tough. Even one of the most advanced robots around, Atlas, is still just "a baby trying to learn," prone to accidents and mistakes despite its brilliant and qualified creators. So what happens when you ask a bunch of unpracticed randos to build robots that can fight? You get a series of… »12/01/14 10:49am12/01/14 10:49am

RoboCup 2007 Concludes, Germans Dominate Robot Soccer Matches

We showed you some preliminary action last week from the Georgia Tech-sponsored RoboCup 2007 competition, but spectators of the game between the Darmstadt Dribblers and NimbRo (from the University of Freiburg, Germany) tell us this quarterfinal game was the best match of RoboCup 2007. In this battle, NimbRo took… »7/09/07 8:45am7/09/07 8:45am