Logitech Premiere Edition Guitar Is Such, Such Guitar Hero Overkill

The Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller, Premiere Edition shows that even a keyboard and mouse manufacturer is ready to challenge Fender in the world of high end game guitars »10/23/08 9:10am10/23/08 9:10am. The $250 PS2/PS3 accessory features a premium build including a genuine wood neck, rosewood fingerboard and metal frets.Plus you'll see the…

Exporting Songs From Rock Band 1 to Rock Band 2 Will Require Code, Five Bucks, HDD Space

One of Rock Band 2's more thoughtful features is that you'll be able to export most of the tracks »8/21/08 2:20pm8/21/08 2:20pm from your Rock Band 1 disc to play in Rock Band 2 on the Xbox 360 (DLC works with it automatically). Harmonix has just dropped some of the details on how you'll make this happen. It's easy, and it'll cost you about $5…

Rock Band and Guitar Hero Instruments Will Finally Play Nice Together on PS3

After bickering »8/18/08 3:00pm8/18/08 3:00pm between Activision and Harmonix meant Guitar Hero's guitars with Rock Band on the PS3 ('cause for Harmonix to release the patch), Sony has grabbed them both firmly by the nuts and said "everybody's instruments must work with everybody's games." This means that Guitar Hero: World Tour's —guitars and…

Rock Band 2 Is Only as Great as Its Instruments (Which Look Great)

A normal game demo features a kiosk, maybe a couch, and it's all a pretty ho hum experience save for the fact that you're usually playing a game that won't be released for anywhere from a several months to a few years. But when testing out Rock Band 2, it's set up on a stage with professional lights, mixing boards… »7/16/08 2:57pm7/16/08 2:57pm

Official Rock Band 2 Track List (Plus Carry Over "Most" of Rock Band's Disc Tracks!)

Harmonix has officially unveiled the track list for Rock Band 2. Besides being packed with rock gods like AC/DC exclusively, GNR's Chinese Democracy's official debut, Alice in Chains and Rage Against the Machine (I'm a child of the 90's), and full backwards compatibility with all DLC songs, you can "export most of the »7/14/08 3:55pm7/14/08 3:55pm

Premium Rock Band 2 Drum Kit Surfaces: "Badass" Is The Word You're Looking For

I play Rock Band like a champ, and when I'm with my crew I'm usually on drums. I'm a drummer, and I love playing them, and the included drum controller always seemed just fine to me. Kotaku found this photo of the premium Rock Band 2 kit and I've decided I must have it. UPDATE: OK, so this kit doesn't ship with Rock… »7/11/08 8:20pm7/11/08 8:20pm