Activision: By Guitar Hero III/Rock Band Guitar "Agreement," We Meant "Money"

Remember how Harmonix wanted to release a patch to let you use Guitar Hero III guitars on Rock Band for the PS3, but then Activision blocked it and Harmonix told everyone about it, and then Activision said Harmonix just didn't wanna play ball, where it pretty much seemed like Activision meant Harmonix didn't want to… »12/20/07 5:40pm12/20/07 5:40pm


Rock Band Patch Adds Support for PS3 Guitar Hero III Controllers

In the battalion of boxes that encases Rock Band's high quality gear there is but one guitar. Since you can't buy the instruments separately yet and Guitar Hero III's guitar won't work w/ RB on the PS3, your band is effectively bass player-less. Harmonix to the rescue: The upcoming patch for PS3's RB includes "a… »12/05/07 9:50pm12/05/07 9:50pm

Rock Band Instruments Review (Verdict: Quality, but Can Your Livingroom Take the Mess?)

While the gaming press leaves you with impressions of the king of all rhythm games, Rock Band, I'm going to tackle the hardware, which the Best Buy in SF had plenty of as of this afternoon. Let me start out by saying that the gear looked smaller on the internet; I'm too old to have toy instruments cluttering up my… »11/20/07 9:23pm11/20/07 9:23pm