Rock Band 2 Instruments Vs Rock Band 1 Instruments, In Decibels

In Jason's review of Rock Band 2's peripherals » 9/15/08 8:42am 9/15/08 8:42am, he called the updated instruments not a necessity but "a bonus for people who were patient enough to wait for Rock Band 2." In other words, the new instruments were all around nicer to play than the old instruments. But what about the pesky sound output? My wife drummed…

Mad Catz' Exciting Rock Band Instruments Hit Next Week

Mad Catz has an entire set of Rock Band instruments coming next week, all with some weird features that aren't on the official Harmonix ones. Rock Band Mods found that there's the wired bass guitar, a wired regular guitar, wired microphone, portable drum kit and premium wired drums. Hit the jump to see details on… » 6/19/08 5:00pm 6/19/08 5:00pm