A Tale of Babe Rainbows and Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forests

The next time you think to yourself, "Hey, I sure would like to have lived as a hippie in the 1960s," watch this video—sober—and realize that you'd have to dress like this. All the time. Seriously, why would anyone want to live through the Summer of Love? Oh right, because of all the sex and drugs and rock'n'roll. »5/30/14 12:00am5/30/14 12:00am


Wayne Coyne's Guitar Hero Controller Mod Is, Unsurprisingly, The Coolest We've Ever Seen

Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, what a guy. Befitting his eternally-brilliant-child-trapped-inside-acid-washed-adult self, he has built a fantastic looking Guitar Hero guitar mod that melds a Korg Kaoss pad, a working GH controller and a beautiful white Gibson double-neck guitar-a rig he's using to film a brief… »10/27/08 7:10pm10/27/08 7:10pm