In Visible City Concrete Speakers

These speakers from Japanese design company 25togo are constructed of concrete and glass. Aside from what is promised to be excellent audio quality, the speakers feature less conventional external geometrics, allowing users to easily angle the direction of sound/trajectory of toe-stubbing impact. » 11/07/07 9:17am 11/07/07 9:17am

Shredmaster JR Turns your Kids into Little Shredders, Spandex Not…

If you are tired of fighting your kid for play time on Guitar Hero, get them a Shredmaster JR Micro Plug N Play Guitar. This suitably Guitar Hero looking plug n play guitar connects to any TV with AV inputs and has a list of actual music that you have heard of that is fully licensed for use. » 10/27/07 2:00pm 10/27/07 2:00pm

No Need to Whisper in a WhisperRoom Unit

While WhisperRoom warns on their site that there's no such thing as a soundproof enclosure, they'll help you get pretty close. The sheds are made out of heavy materials rather than lightweight foam and the like, with single or double walls of wood and steel. The reason WhisperRoom forgoes foam as a primary sound wall… » 6/27/07 6:40pm 6/27/07 6:40pm