Two Laptops Locked In An Endless Rock-Paper-Scissors Battle

Playing rock-paper-scissors with a friend or family member is actually a pretty sophisticated intellectual challenge. You might choose your move based on a personal preference or whim, but you're probably also thinking about what your opponent is going to pick. Sometimes you can just feel your brother leaning paper,… »11/03/13 12:16pm11/03/13 12:16pm

What Happens When Two Computers Play Rock Paper Scissors?

Nothing. If nothing meant becoming lulled into hypnosis as two machines battle each other out in a human game that can be interpreted through specific algorithms. If nothing meant secretly betting on which computer is superior. If nothing meant enjoying the beats and pulses of anticipation as each screen throws out… »10/29/13 8:09pm10/29/13 8:09pm

Try Playing Rock Paper Scissors Against This All-Knowing Computer. You'll Probably Lose

How many rounds of rock, paper, scissors have you played in your life? Probably not enough to outsmart a computer. Have you identified trends in playing behavior? Doubtful. Are you predictable with your throwing strategy? Likely. Is it even possible to be any good at the game? Well, here's your chance to find out.… »3/07/11 9:20am3/07/11 9:20am

Afternoon News: Boffins Galore, Spectrum Auction, Rock, Paper, Scissors and More

• Joining the other boffins we've discussed today is this Indian boffin, who invented a flying carpet by attaching a powerful motor to a thin sheet of fabric. By the way, we have not used the word "boffin" on this site since 2004. Boffin! [Wired]
• The FCC announced the participants in the 700MHz spectrum auction. If… »12/19/07 3:59pm12/19/07 3:59pm