Albatron Rocker Mini Tablet Has Windows CE and Not Much Heft

An ultra slimline tablet from Albatron has been unveiled at Computex. The Rocker has a seven-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen, 128MB flash memory, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, a webcam, and SD and MMC slots. Weighing just 343 grams, the battery runs for six hours on a single charge, and it runs Windows CE. Not too shabby, really. [… »6/05/08 7:30am6/05/08 7:30am

Rocker Kart Lets You Rock All the Way to the Shops

The Rocker Kart is a bicycle alternative, retailing at £149.99 ($309), the three-wheeled kart lacks any form of visible steering, but that is where the Rocker gets interesting. Apparently, by leaning left or right a patented control mechanism comes into play, altering your course to follow the direction of your weight… »11/25/07 11:15am11/25/07 11:15am