A Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower Fall in Love, and a Deadly Weapon Is Born

The M2 flamethrower utilized by Allied forces during WWII proved to be a devastatingly effective weapon against bunkers—and Axis psyches. However, walking around a firefight with a napalm-filled backpack and an effective range of 20m is a great way to become a crispy critter. So the US military developed the M202… »8/01/12 11:30am8/01/12 11:30am


ATF: Curbside Trash Is Not the Proper Means to Dispose of a Rocket Launcher—Unless It's Unloaded

Is the guided missile launcher of yours taking up too much space in your home? No worries! Turns out, you don't even need to recycle it. Houston PD and the ATF were summoned to the Kingwood neighborhood in Houston after residents discovered a rocket launcher set out with the curbside trash. »4/21/12 1:00am4/21/12 1:00am

Hit Coworkers From Afar and Burn the Evidence With DIY Paper Rocket Kit

USB rocket launchers are expensive and overrated, in my opinion. I say give me Luddite papercraft rocket launchers or give me death. So you'll excuse me when I say I downloaded the template for this DIY paper rocket launcher [PDF] »8/17/08 3:00pm8/17/08 3:00pm from German design site Paper Puzzle Parade and made a small army this morning. The site…

Drug Gang Use WWII Anti-Tank Bazooka to Intimidate People

Police in Polk County, Florida, have busted a drug gang—leaded by some assclown called Otis "Cowboy" Carden, who was also selling methamphetamine to his mother and brother— that terrified neighbours and customers using the firepower of a fully oiled and operational World War II british rocket launcher. And although… »4/04/08 11:00am4/04/08 11:00am