How A Holocaust Denier Fooled The Internet With Nazi Jetpack Soldiers

One of the great accomplishments of Nazi Germany's war machine was a jetpack that propelled their soldiers into the sky. It was a fantastical device whose story has been told many times on the web and it would be even more impressive if it weren't the propaganda of a Holocaust denier disguised as history. » 5/02/13 1:01pm 5/02/13 1:01pm

Rocket-Powered Helicopter Pack is an Aerospace Masterpiece

Jetpacks are great, but never could they reach the levels of ridiculousness this strap-on helicopter provides with its rocket-powered rotor blades. The pack is powered by two hydrogen fuel canisters and the rockets at the end of the blades negate the need for a tail rotor. It's entirely possible this is just a drawing… » 5/01/08 7:44pm 5/01/08 7:44pm