The Unlikely Quest to Build a Tower Tall Enough to Take Astronauts to Space

The space elevator is a glorious science fiction idea that’s never gotten past the concept stage, mostly because it’s impossible to build one right now. Recognizing this, a Canadian space firm is hoping to test the waters with a slightly scaled-down version — a space tower, if you will, that only rises into the… »8/18/15 7:30pm8/18/15 7:30pm

Happy Birthday Saturn V, Still The Biggest Rocket of All

Click to view »11/09/08 1:00pm11/09/08 1:00pm Thousands of gallons of kerosene and liquid oxygen begin coursing through the giant center F1 rocket engine: The Saturn V's ignition sequence has begun. Next, two outer engines are lit, followed 300 milliseconds later by the other two, ignited in pairs to avoid toppling the 364-foot rocket above. Nine…

SpaceX Falcon Video Shows How Simple a 10-Minute Ride to Orbit Is

This is the on-rocket video of SpaceX's successful Falcon 1 »9/29/08 10:00am9/29/08 10:00am launch. The Earth gets smaller, the sky gets darker, the engines burn cleanly, all systems remain nominal, and 10 minutes later the little rocket that finally could is in orbit...as simply as that. Check out the jubilant cheers from the SpaceX team at about…